Bamboo - Renewable Products for the Modern World

Harder than traditional solid oak wood, but more closely related to the strands of grass you have growing in your backyard, bamboo lumber comes from a sustainable resource that can be manufactured into some pretty amazing products that will replace what we normally use in and around our homes.

Largely considered one of the most primitive forms of grass, some bamboo has the capability of growing more than three feet in a single day under the right conditions - absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing up to 35% more oxygen than that of a similarly sized hardwood tree in the process. Because of this amazing growth rate, bamboo is ready to harvest in around three to five years. Once harvested, virtually every piece of the bamboo taken from the shoot is used, while the empty space in the forest is quickly occupied by a new shoot, due to bamboo's vast root system.

While this may seem like over-harvesting, bamboo reaches maturity shortly after this time span, where it will stop growing and evenually start to decay. Taking the clums before they start this process ensures the greatest strength, when sugar levels in the sap are the lowest, while also reducing the risk of pest infestation. This proper attention to clearing and thinning bamboo forests responsibly also ensures adequate light for new growth. A properly managed bamboo forest will produce three to five times more bamboo than ones that are left alone. And, Bamboo requires no chemicals to thrive and can be grown in areas with very little water - so it leaves the soil ready for new harvest without introducing toxins to our planet.

Bamboo fibers can be used in every application that wood is - from paper, flooring material, and other building material, to furniture, cutting boards, and kitchen utensils. Bamboo fibers are stronger than most woods and are much less susceptible to warping throughout changes in himidity and temperature.

In your kitchen, bamboo also possesses a natural anti-microbial element that will help keep bacteria at bay - making it one of the best options for cooking utensils and chopping blocks.

When it comes to furnishing a living space to reflects your beliefs, bamboo provides the perfect solution. With sustainability and environmental resposibility are at the core of each bamboo piece, you are taking part in creating new life and using this renewable resource to furnish a space that will be truely breathtaking.

See our Greenington Bamboo Furniture options - available for every room in the home. From the bedroom suite to the living room, and everything in between, we offer collections that help create an eco-friendly living space that you can fall in love with, over-and-over again for years to come.

7/22/2018 5:02:27 AM