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Bamboo Stair Parts

FREE Sample Bamboo Stair Bull Nose

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Bamboo Stair Nose or Bull Nose Trim Molding FREE Sample

Order a sample of our bamboo bull nose trim before you place an order to make sure that the color matches up to your existing chairs or to just check out the exceptional quality of our products.  We offer bamboo stair nose or bull nose in natural or carbonized colors as well as vertical, horizontal or strand woven orientation.  Bullnose molding is used at the top of the stairs on a balcony or verandah overhang. 

Check out our Strand Woven Bamboo Bull Nose Molding or our Bamboo Bull Nose Molding in traditional horizontal or vertical orientation. 
Strand Woven

Carbonized (dark)
Natural (light)

Standard Features:
GreenSpec Listed
LEED Credits: MR Credit 6 - Rapidly Renewable Materials
Ecologically Friendly Formaldehyde Emissions < .5% Surpass E1 Standards
Precision-Milled with German-Engineered Machinery
Easy to Install and Remove
Easy to Clean
Wear Resistant, Pest Resistant and Heat Resistant
Manufactured according to E1 and E0 Standards,
Six Coats of Finish Protect and Enhance the Bamboo

Testimonial From Our Customers (View All)
Hi Jennifer! Yes, please use the pictures :-) She's still so excited and can't believe this beautiful piece of furniture is hers!

Thank you again for upgrading us to inside delivery. That was such a huge blessing! There's no way I could've gotten the table and chairs in the house by myself let alone set them up.

I'm sending a pic just so you can put faces to the customers :-) This is my mom, her best friend Gloria in the middle, and me. Her best friend wanted to do something so special for her and asked if I knew what she not only needed but wanted. Dining room table and chairs was of course the thing! Gloria paid for the table and four chairs. I got the other two chairs and paid for delivery (as a single mom I'm on a tight budget which is why I didn't initially go for inside delivery, I couldn't afford it). I'm in the customer service field too and I know when I've worked with someone over time, I enjoy knowing a little more about the situation and seeing a face :-)

If you have a supervisor/team lead/manager, I ask that you forward this email along because you and Kari-Jo deserve recognition and appreciation for the fantastic job you both did. Customer service is not always easy, I know first hand! It's very difficult to maintain a pleasant helpful attitude 8 hours a day 5 days a week because callers are not always nice. After a while, it gets to you and can change your attitude on the phone or in emails. You and Kari-Jo were extremely pleasant and helpful every single time I called or emailed. Neither of you made me feel like I was bothering you or that I was ignorant because I'd never ordered Amish furniture before! You both made me feel confident in making this very big and expensive purchase online! You both got back to me quickly each time I reached out to touch base and always came with information. You both seemed to truly care about making this surprise special for my mom and doing whatever it took to make it perfect for her. I can tell when someone cares about doing their job well and when they are just phoning it in. I've worked in a very big call center and had plenty of experience with both. You both care. It seems you've set a high bar of excellence for yourselves and I want you to know that this customer feels you not only met it but exceeded it! I can't say enough how employees like you make ALL the difference!!!! Thank you from my heart for doing a hard job beautifully.

Lisa W.

Lisa W ( WI )
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