Organic Moulding Field Guide

Bamboo Moulding Field Guide

JXMBamboo's Simple Solutions for Adding Trim to any Eco-Friendly Space

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your bamboo floors or casing a window with a natural, modern look, bamboo moulding offers a beautiful solution.

Using solid bamboo, each piece of moulding that we offer is derived from renewable bamboo forests, harvested responsibly, and crafted in a way that will provide a lifetime of beauty in any space.

Below, we've covered our favorite ways to spruce up any room with pieces of organic JMXBamboo moulding.


Once you've laid down those beautiful bamboo wood floors, it's time to install some baseboard to finish the look. While it may seem standard to add a traditional wooden baseboard to the wall, bamboo baseboards provide a complementary look that changes the entire mood of your flooring selection.

Available prefinished, in natural, carbonized, or strand woven bamboo, in many traditional profiles, you're sure to find a bamboo baseboard moulding that will work with your space.

The standard baseboard offers a simple, rounded shape that runs 2 1/2" from top to bottom and 5/8" thick - providing a clean transition from floor to wall.

Our tall baseboard offers a very similar shape as the standard, with a rounded top and flat front, but runs 3 1/2" from top to bottom, providing a much more noticable trasition from floor to wall. Truly a stunning finishing touch to your new bamboo flooring.

We also offer a decorative or fancy baseboard that has more of a "traditional" profile, keeping with the tradition of most taller wooden baseboards but incorporating the natural bamboo look that can be imitated. Standing 4" tall from top to bottom and 5/8" thick, the fancy baseboard has a large presense and regal feel that is sure to add a special accent to any room.

Quarter Round Moulding

Quarter Round Moulding or Base Shoe Moulding is traditionally used at the bottom of a baseboard to cover any gaps between the floor, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing finished look.

Offered in a variety of lengths, in both natural and carbonized colors, our bamboo quarter round shoe mouldings are the perfect finishing touch to your new bamboo baseboards.

Chair Rail

A chair rail, also referred to as a "dado rail" is a fixed moulding that typically runs the perimeter of a room to provide the wall with protection from furniture - typically the back of a chair.

Applied to your wall, the chair rail offers this function, while creating a unique, classic look that creates a natural transition or divider in the space. Here, you can combine wall paper on top, and paint on the bottom, or take a different approach and use wainscoting on the bottom to combine textures.

With a bamboo chair rail, you can open up your creative side and create a stunning backdrop for the entire room.

Crown Moulding

Once you've taken care of the baseboards, you can explore the possibilities of crown moulding to provide a cap to the top of the wall and create a graceful flare to the transition between the wall and ceiling.

The addition of a crown moulding creates a truly regal feel in any space and creates a unique look anywhere. Available in natural or carbonized colors, our crown moulding offers a gorgeous shape and eco-friendly feel that is sure to add the right touch to your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Floor Transitions

Transition Moulding

Providing a seamless transition from room to room is important when you're laying new bamboo wood floors. Finding the right pieces to complement your new floor and providing the correct fit is what we do.

Bamboo T-Mouldings come prefinished in a natural or carbonized color and provide a smooth transition from room to room where your bamboo wood floors meet tile, other wood floors, or a hard surface of the same height. The t-molding provides a beautiful, finished look to your project.

Bamboo Threshold Moulding or End Moulding is used to provide a smooth transition from your bamboo floors to an area with carpet in an adjacent room. Crafted with on flat side and a notch in the opposite side, our bamboo end mouldings provide a seamless look when finishing your bamboo floor.

Our Bamboo Reducer Moulding is also avaialble when finishing a bamboo flooring onto another wood floor or hard surface that sits at a different height. Available in natural or carbonized bamboo, and crafted with a smooth slope on one side and notched back on the other, these reducers are sure to flow nicely with the rest of your floor.

Window Trim and Door Trim

When getting down to the final details of your project, a bamboo window trim or door case moulding offers up a bit of something unique - incorporating the natural beauty of bamboo into your view of the outdoors or around a doorway. Natural or carbonized in color, these trim pieces piece the finishing touches on the entire look and can create a one-of-a-kind space that you'll enjoy for years to come.

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